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Wachowski Brothers Matrix 4 Coming!

Chad Stahelski, director of the John Wick series, has announced that they are part of the Wachowski Brothers' new Matrix film!

Matrix 4

We know Chad Stahelski as the director of the upcoming John Wick 3 and the previous films. But he had worked with the Wachowski Brothers in the Matrix trilogy before. This name continues to work on the new Matrix film and the Wachowski Brothers also included in the series announced!

In an interview with Yahoo Movies UK, Stahelski said, ’The Wachowskies will not only make a new Matrix film, but they will further expand the universe we love. I'm so happy for that! Ece in the new Matrix film, he explained in a way how important the Wachowski Brothers will play.

Stahelski, who also thinks he will be working near the previous trilogy, added that he was ready for all the roles in the film and that he could go with a single phone call and jump in front of the cars as a stuntman.

Finally, Stahelski was asked whether to direct the new film Wachowskis. Bu I don't know exactly. I'm not sure that Lana will be in charge of directing. L This, in a sense, strengthens the claim that the director will be only Lilly Wachowski.

matrix trinity

Now we can assume that there is an expansion in the Matrix world compared to what has been said and what the film's writer Penn says. Of course, this is still not a definite conclusion, but continues to be discussed. But of course everything is possible right now. Moreover, we do not know the level of participation of the Wachowskies in the new film. Therefore, directing, etc. instead of dealing with something specific, they can choose a different way of consulting.

Keanu Reeves Can Be Included In The Series

Two years ago, when the news about the new Matrix was coming out, Michael B. Jordan was playing the lead. But of course we had the name of the hearts of us: Keanu Reeves. Reeves, who was the lead actor of the old trilogy, said he was abstinent about going back to this series, but he himself would be a gift if the Wachowski Brothers would come up with a magnificent scenario. I couldn't say no, yes, Buna he replied. The fact that the Wachowskis were included in the project did not create another question in our minds with the news coming from the director of the John Wick series.

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