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Fantastic beasts 3's Vision Date Has Been!

Fantastic beasts 3

The history of the vision is changing and when it comes to the future we are curiously waiting for the release of Fantastic beasts3 movie was finally certain!

After two years between the first two films, we have to wait 3 years for the third film. On a recent date, we have announced the allegations that Rowling rewrote the script of the new film. Now that SnitchSeeker made, the story of the third film is quite far away.

Warner Bros. has officially announced that Fantastic beasts 3 will be on display on November 12, 2021, a year after the original date.

The announcement was made today by Ron Sanders, president of Theatrical Distribution and Home Entertainment.

"J.K. Rowling created a fascinating universe that seduces people of all ages and takes us on a fascinating journey. Warner Bros. He is extremely proud of being the company that transmits the World of Magic to the screen of cinema and is very excited about the future of the Fantastic beasts series. In November 2021, we are looking forward to bringing the third of the five film series together."

The construction of the new film is expected to begin in the spring of 2020. Warner Bros. his spokesperson, Tobby Emmerich, said:

“We are very excited and confident about the fantastic beasts series. This release date, time enough to give the filmmakers the best film at the art will be fully enrich our fans and I believe you know the venue. "
For the third film of the series, the production company says it is quite self-confident. Although these words are encouraging, our personal opinion is to keep expectations to a minimum. We hope that with the third film, some things can be collected. But it seems like we have to wait for a while.

What do you think about the postponement of the new film so far? Don't spare us your opinion!