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Thanos Endangered Google with Infinity Gauntlet!

Thanos Gloves on Google

Have you tried google searching for "Thanos", one of the toughest opponents of the Avengers team? So, did you click on the infinity glove icon in the info box on the right?

Thanos Gloves

The famous Infinity Gauntlet of Thanos (Infinity Glove) will be familiar with the film. With one finger snapping, we know that the Avengers: Infinity War has destroyed half of the creatures in the universe. What about Google?

It makes you a pleasant surprise when you search for Thanos or Infinity Gauntlet on Google.

As you know, except for the results when you search through Google, sometimes in the side menu - usually - it gives us the short information from Wikileaks. Thus, we have a short information about whatever term we are looking for, although we have some brief information.

avengers:endgame thanos gloves finger snapping google imageing
thanos gloves finger snapping

Here, when you search for Thanos or Infinity Gauntlet, click on the infinity glove of the photo belonging to the information in the side menu; You hear an animation animation and the sound. Then half of the information on the screen disappears, and finally the number on the top shows how many results it shows.

We recommend you to try this scene via Google, which will be especially useful for those who watch the movie many times!

Finally, when you click the infinity glove icon again, the glove becomes a fist and all the lost contents come back.

avengers:endgame thanos gloves google image
Infinity Gauntlet!

If you wish, you can try this on your tablet or phone. Be sure to turn up the sound!

You can also click here to reach the typing of Thanos, click here to reach Infinity Gauntlet by typing.