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Producers of the Series of Stranger Things Becomes a Court

A director who claims that the Stranger Things idea was stolen from him sued the producers of the show.

The creator of the Stranger Things series, Matt and Ross Duffer Brothers, the main idea of the main idea was given to the court to steal from someone else.

A director, Charlie Kessler, claims that at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2014, he came to the two brothers, said that they wanted to work with him and they had been chatting for a while. During their conversation, Kessler mentioned a script called The Montauk Project, where he worked on the pair. The film, which he planned to pass in an abandoned military camp in New York City, involved urban myths, paranormal activities and supernatural events. And according to his claim, the Duffer Brothers stole this idea and shot Stranger Things.

Matt and Ross Duffer deny this accusation and say they saw Kessler for the first time in their lives. Netflix also released a statement stating that they were behind the producers. The judge, however, said the Duffler Brothers could not provide any solid evidence that they had found the idea.

The plaintiff's lawyer claimed that the Duffer brothers had done something similar before and had stolen an old roommate's lar The Hidden önce script. Charlie Kessler demands a third of the profit from the show. So if they make $ 1 million, $ 300,000 will be his. In addition, he wants to be recognized as one of the creators of the series and to get a share from all the winnings.

If something was very successful already, one of the places came out and said, ”That idea was actually mine! Ill It seems that this tradition has not changed in Stranger Things. Well, he's been wondering why he's been silent for 3 years. However, the court will decide which side is right.