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Mercedes-AMG CLS 53 review:Do you think this hybrid is a real amg?

 Black Mercedes-AMG CLS 53
Mercedes-AMG CLS 53

Mercedes-AMG CLS 53

In the past you knew where you were with an AMG-badged Mercedes. 

 You paid a considerable amount more cash than you would for a diesel proportional, however consequently you got a humorously forceful bodykit, a lot of huge combination wheels, more fumes funnels than you'll discover in that side of Halfords committed to the baseball-tops and-phat-beatz detachment and, most vital of every one of the, a pounding extraordinary V8 motor – maybe with some turbochargers connected to it. 
As of late, however, every one of that has changed. Presently there's another scope of half-fat AMGs; vehicles Mercedes has propelled to fill the undeniably yawning hole in execution and dramatization between its top-flight execution models and its progressively workaday toll. 

The most recent to join this framework is the Mercedes-AMG CLS 53. What's more, as a major V8 elective it seems to be… convoluted. Under the hat sits a 3.0-liter straight-six motor – bizarre in itself nowadays, however this specific straight-six accompanies an electrically-fueled supercharger and a 48-volt starter-alternator gentle half and half framework, the previous driving the last mentioned. Goodness, and only for good measure, there's a traditional turbocharger dashed on, as well. 
The thought is that the turbo helps the normally suctioned motor higher up the rev extend, while drop down the gentle half and half framework makes you go off the line and kicks the electric supercharger into life to fill in the holes. The outcome isn't just a progressively productive method for making power, yet additionally consistent speeding up with no turbo slack. 

 It works, as well. Power is completely consistent and surprisingly direct, from wherever you happen to be in the rev extend; no boosty pinnacles or troughs, only a strong chunk of torque without even a glimmer to give you a sign of which bit of supplemental tech is helping the petroleum motor at any one time. From a halt, there's a minute's respite as the gearbox discovers its feet, and after that you're off, the rising and falling of the revs as the nine robotized gears fly by apparently coincidental to the attack of unwavering increasing speed.
 It's a staggering show of building quality. Despite the fact that it has a drawback: with no sweet spots in the rev range to give your nerve center a little bump, the CLS 53 can feel slightly clinical – particularly in Comfort mode, with the fumes dialed back and the gearchanges mollified.

Mercedes-AMG CLS 53 Engine upside picture
Mercedes-AMG CLS 53 Engine

 Flick the CLS over to 'Game Plus' mode and you get more clamor, however the six-chamber motor's howl sounds rather misleadingly upgraded, which turns out to be clear the moment you wind the window down to show signs of improvement earful and… don't. It is in any event spiced up with a couple of engaging swishes, snuffles and – in the event that you get the fumes sufficiently hot – even a couple of invade pops, however, all of which should make you smile in case you're feeling whimsical. 
 That smile ought to augment once you hit a wiggly piece of street. As befits its position one rung down on the AMG stepping stool, the CLS 53 comes up short on the tail-glad lairiness you may anticipate from its more out of control kin, exchanging it rather for four-wheel-driven footing and a strikingly nonpartisan parity. You can kill the driver helps however it won't accomplish much, so you may very well also abandon them on, as they once in a while interrupt; in any case, the CLS's brisk directing, amazing body control and apparently unending hold will all persuade you you're in an a lot littler, lighter vehicle than you are. 

 You can convey apparently unthinkable velocities into a corner, at that point bumble your foot down on the throttle and let the CLS deal with rearranging the power around so as to flame you out of the opposite side as quick as could reasonably be expected. Indeed, in case you're searching for customizability, affectability, or some kind of remuneration for hitting the nail on the head, you'll most likely be frustrated. In any case, similar to the majority of its AMG-light stablemates, the CLS 53's in the matter of enabling you to go quick without object – and it positively pulls that off.
Mind you, at a value this way, the CLS ought to likewise be in the matter of making you feel dapper extraordinary. Cheerfully, at this it succeeds, as well. From without it looks fantastic, its general lines giving it the kind of essence an E-Class – maybe even a S-Class – can dare to dream for. 

 From inside, the lustrous double screen dash, with its mind boggling turbine-style vents and encompassing lighting make you have a feeling that you're in a cross between a chic cellar bar and a lavish lodging. The silver open-pore wood that comes as standard won't be to everybody's taste, however, and neither will the guiding wheel, trimmed with a bewildering blend of catches, scroll haggles cushions. 
Not one or the other, besides, will the manner in which the CLS rides. Indeed, even in Comfort mode, it's a tad excessively firm, permitting knocks and wiggles through to the cockpit and slamming intensely into bigger potholes in a way most unbecoming of a vehicle whose expressed point is to whisk you here and thither in most extreme solace. At lower speeds this characteristic is at the very least, yet even on the motorway you feel edges and harsh fixes definitely more than you'd like. Hear them, as well, for there's a considerable amount of tire commotion – albeit fortunately both motor and wind clamor are euphorically quieted at speed. 

black and brwon inside  mercedes-amg cls 53
Mercedes-AMG CLS 53 (inside)

In all actuality, this is an AMG, so a dimension of solidness is not out of the ordinary – however not this much, particularly given the CLS 53's transmit as a greater amount of an official express than an outright muscle vehicle. In reality, the finicky ride comes as something of a shock as the CLS gets air suspension as standard. You'd figure this would enable it to be as wafty or as firm as you'd like, however oddly there's next to no distinction between the two guessed limits of Comfort and Sport Plus modes. 
For all that, however, the CLS 53 is quick, extravagant, and fantastically simple to drive rapidly. Its devastating all-season ability may come at the expense of extreme association, however for those of us who don't drive around as if our hair is ablaze it's as yet an awesome thing. In case you're searching for additional, you'll either need to trust Mercedes draws out a range-topping CLS 63 – which doesn't take a gander right now – or you'll need to forego the smooth body and pick rather for an E63. 

The most serious issue for the CLS 53, however, isn't its increasingly intense stablemates yet those let down the range. There are two further oil and two diesel motors to browse, which are all extensively less expensive to purchase and to run, and none of which makes the CLS feel any less unique.
 The CLS 450, for instance, has a detuned form of a similar motor, and will get to 62mph simply 0.3 seconds after the fact, yet will set you back £16,000 or so less. A diesel 400d, in the mean time, is nearly as fast, and can do 42mpg to the AMG's 31mpg. Both accompany four-wheel drive, and on the off chance that you add the discretionary Comfort pack to it is possible that, you'll additionally give yourself a progressively flexible air suspension set-up. 
 Why spend the additional on the AMG, at that point? Maybe for its more honed taking care of, or its rortier exhaust – or maybe basically in light of the fact that you need a CLS, and you need the quickest one out there. On the off chance that that is the situation, you most likely won't be frustrated, for in its very own privilege the CLS 53 is still rather flawless. 

 Simply be set up for the conceited grin on the essence of a lesser CLS driver as he shakes up alongside you at the lights and understands he's purchased nearly a similar vehicle – without those three little letters on its back end – for extensively less money. 


Mercedes-AMG CLS 53 4Matic+ 

Tried 2,999cc six-chamber oil turbo w/48v gentle half and half framework and electric supercharger, nine-speed programmed gearbox, four-wheel drive 

Cost/ON SALE £74,525/presently 

POWER/TORQUE 429bhp @ 6,100rpm, 384lb ft @ 1,800-5,800rpm 

TOP SPEED 155mph (electronically restricted) 

Increasing speed 0-62mph in 4.5sec 

Efficiency 31.7mpg (WLTP Combined) 

CO2 EMISSIONS 203g/km (NEDCc) 

VED £1,240 first year, £450 every year next five years, at that point £140

 Decision Rapid, rich and lovely – in disengagement, the AMG CLS 53 is a pleasure. Its ride is stiffer than it should be, however, and when the following rung down on the CLS stepping stool is scarcely any slower yet impressively less expensive, it's difficult to legitimize its additional expense.