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What will happen in the final season of Game of thrones?

The seventh season finale of the Game of Thrones series has left many questions. There are countless theories on the Internet. Everyone is talking about what can happen next season, most of whom are curious about who will sit on the Iron Throne. No matter how much we talk, no one knows what happens in the 8th and final season of the series, but that doesn't mean that we have no clue. Here are the 7 possibilities you can expect from Game 8 of the Game of Thrones.

1- Theon Greyjoy will try to save her sister Yara
In the seventh season finale, Theon collected a group to rescue his sister Yara from her uncle Euron. When Theon saw Yara for the last time, he kidnapped her after her un0cle got her ship. Theon, instead of saving Yara, literally jumped off the ship and escaped. Theon seems to be getting over the trauma he experienced late last season. In season 8 we can see itself in a very different way.

2- Jon Snow and Daenerys go to Winterfell The last time we saw Jon and Daenerys, they were heading north. We think that their journey will end in Winterfell and this will lead to surprise. Sansa and Arya will be surprised that John has surrendered to a woman they have never met before. When he returns to Winterfell, John will learn something surprising about his identity, which he never expected.

3- Jon Snow will learn his real parents. there are many clues about Jon's true identity since the first season. Finally, this information was confirmed by Samwell Tarly and Bran Stark in his 7th season finale. Now we know that Jon is the son of Rhaeger Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. The real name is Aegon Targaryen. That's enough to make it the real owner of the Iron Throne. It's also Daenerys' uncle. Bran and Samwell will tell him the truth when Jon returns to Winterfell. We are very curious about how this information will affect its relationship with Daenerys. But the Targaryens are famous for marrying their brothers. So maybe this news doesn't hurt our new pair.

4- Jon, Tyrion, Jorah, Daenerys love quadrangle. (Tyrion seems to be just a fan of the moment, but what will happen next)It might not be true that the Daenerys remain in this love quadrant. After all, she's only affected by a man: Jon. But it seems inevitable that there will be tension between all these men who are trying to attract the attention of Daenerys.
Daenerys' suitors do not count as counting: Jon Snow, Sir Jorah Mormont and the new possibility, Tyrion Lannister.

5- Jaime and Cersei Lannister may not make peace
On several occasions in the past, Jaime and his sister Cersei broke down. But somehow they reunited.
 This time the situation looks different. I guess they won't be around anymore. Cersei wants to take over the world's sovereignty and Jaime does not want to risk his life. They're real people of a different world right now. This last separation between Jaime and Cersei can also be considered an indication that Jaime will fulfill the Valonqar prophecy. This prophecy from Maggy the Frog, who claimed to have seen the future in the fifth season, was revealed to Cersei. So far, it's all right. There is an estimate in the books about Cersei's future that is not included in the series. In the fourth season of Game of Thrones, he told Maggy Cersei, "After drowning in your tears, Valonqar will drown you in your pale white throat and drown you." Valonqar means 'little brother'. This seems to justify the idea that Tyrion would eventually kill Cersei. Since Cersei has so many times to threaten his brother to death so far, their relationship can no longer be the same. But let's not forget that; Tyrion is not Cersei's only brother! Although he was twins, Jaime was technically born after Cersei. So this makes him the 'little brother'. But this detail is only in the book. If we look at Jaime's 'Kingslayer' history this season, he will kill Cersei next season.

6- The Great War will begin The war between the White Walkers and the army of the king was inevitable. In the seventh season finale, after the big wall melted. there will be a great war. Daenerys and Jon Snow are preparing for battle to eliminate White Walkers.