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Lady Gaga Spent a Very Interesting Weekend With Lisa Vanderpump and Fred Durst

Lady Gaga Spent a Very Interesting Weekend With Lisa Vanderpump

Lady Gaga Spent a Very Interesting Weekend whit  Vanderpump

In case you're thinking about how Lady Gaga spent her third entire week as an official Oscar champ, well, she spent it in such a way the we would now be able to distribute what we're practically sure is the world's absolute first feature to incorporate both the names of unscripted tv sensation Lisa Vanderpump and previous TRL shake terrible kid Fred Durst.

Goodness, and you felt that post-Oscars representation with Madonna would be the most astounding thing Gaga got up to this year? Not a chance. With Gaga's "Conundrum" residency in Las Vegas on break until May and the showcasing for an indicated 6th studio collection still just in the insights and prods stage, Gaga herself was allowed to overwhelm Los Angeles this end of the week in a particularly Fame Monster-esque way.

The outstanding occasions commenced Thursday night (the start of the end of the week in our books) at the Black Rabbit Rose off Hollywood Boulevard. It's a multi-stayed, retro-furnished setting with art mixed drinks and Thai-Chinese little plates that checks enchantment appears (truly, genuine enchantment appears) as its calling card, yet additionally has vaudeville and unrecorded music. For sure, in the event that you happen to stop by after 10:30 pm on a Thursday you can get a revue entitled "Fred Durst Presents The Tyler Hammond Jazz Experience."

Indeed, things being what they are, the Limp Bizkit frontman, who once so broadly got into terrible tiffs with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, is currently investing a portion of his energy advancing jazz evenings at an enchantment bar in Hollywood (he additionally as of late coordinated a film featuring John Travolta and Devon Sawa also... who says there's no second demonstrations in America life?). The night routinely draws out a cast of skilled L.A. jazz artists, however on this latest Thursday it flaunted an unexpected appearance by Gaga herself. The artist appeared at the club in a dark minidress and a tight bouffant to complete a speedy two-tune set of Frank Sinatra covers that included "Call Me Irresponsible" and "Fly Me To The Moon" (both are on the setlist of the "Jazz and Piano" segment of her Las Vegas residency). Normally, the execution was gotten on YouTube.