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BATTLE RAPPER Tech 9, has purportedly passed away. 

  Prior toward the beginning of today (March 25), battle rapper Buttah From The Block, who was companions with Tech 9, declared Tech's demise on Twitter before giving more setting in an announcement to XXL.

 "Unfortunately it's valid. We lost a Philadelphia and fight rap legend and pioneer," Buttah From The Block tells XXL. "Shockingly we haven't completely figured the reason for death. We are imploring that it was common causes. He had no indications of damage done to his body."

  Tech 9, not be mistaken for Strange Music's Tech N9ne, had been tossing down cautious bars in the ring for well over 10 years. In that time, he'd fought specialists like Arsenal, T-Rex and bounty more.

 "Tear Tech 9...one of the most engaging fight rappers," Lupe Fiasco tweeted. "Sympathies to his family and companions. May God show leniency toward his spirit."